About Us

Welcome to Kudah Vintage

Born in S.F.

Raised in L.A.

With love from CA

Kudah (kuh-dah) meaning "I found it" in Armenian
Here you'll find all the good stuff - [mostly] 90's and Y2K vintage clothing and accessories in a wide range of sizes
Anything old and with a story has always had a strong pull on my heart. Hailing from San Francisco and born to refugee parents from different parts of the world, I've always loved anything historic- antiques, clothing, books, you name it. Along with everything historic our cultures and families instilled in me, SF holds its own special place in my heart. Weekends as a teen would include strolling Haight St with friends in search of the perfect band tee or leather jacket from the row of vintage shops. There is something so special about being able to own and wear parts of history - and help the world and our communities in sustainability efforts at the same time.
After over a decade working in the retail industry, starting something fully my own is a dream come true. I've been a sales person on the floor of a major department store, to a manager of a department to corporate buying. After so many roles and so many years, my favorite part is always helping you find something you love. 
From a personal love to full blown business, vintage and retail service has always been present in my life in a major way and I'm so excited to be able to share our goodies with you.